PRT Internship

Internship Job Description

General Purpose:

Work with the Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department to complete tasks, lead programs and events, attend meetings and assist in certain divisions within the department while gaining a well-rounded experience through issued responsibilities in compliance with course requirements.

Supervision Received:

Works under the direction and general supervision of the Programs and Events Manager as well as the Director of Parks, Recreation & Tourism.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee or assist with various programs and events offered by the department, including but not limited to: youth and adult programming, adult programming, special events, sports tourism and marketing campaigns.
  • Create, oversee and implement a new program/event in the intern’s division of choice as it fits into the needs of the department and annual budget.
  • Work with department supervisors to assist, shadow and/or perform assigned tasks for each division and/or facility within the department/city including: recreation, public works, special events, sports tourism, marketing, administration/office and planning. If there is a specific area with more interest, potential additional time can be spent being involved in that area.
  • Prepare reports and other documents such as operating, activity and statistical reports, promotional materials, agenda items and presentation materials.
  • Attend meetings associated with the department and affiliated groups and partners including staff meetings, trainings and others as assigned.
  • Maintain a work schedule permitting easy access for citizens and one that fits the needs of the department’s programs, events and meeting needs.
  • Develop public understanding and participation in parks and recreation programs through public relations activities. Interpret to the public the program, its philosophy and objectives through all suitable means.
  • Establish cooperative planning and working relationships with other public and volunteer agencies.
  • Achieve public relation objectives through speaking engagements and use of the City’s media outlets to include but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, TV Station, etc.
  • Shall perform other duties as prescribed by the Parks, Recreation & Tourism Director or designated supervisor.
  • The duties listed above are intended only as illustration of the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position of the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.

Internship Qualifications

A minimum of 50 hours previous experience related to recreation, parks or business (paid or volunteer) is required. The documentation sheet provided must be completed. Any student currently enrolled at an institution of higher education is eligible to apply to the Internship Program. If you attend a college or university, you must be of at least sophomore standing by the end of the semester you are currently completing. If you attend a vocational/technical school, you must have at least completed the first year of your program (at least nine months) by the beginning of the internship. If the internship is not required by your university, we require that you seek advisory support from the university.

Intern Guidelines

The Internship Program offers internships to students in Parks, Recreation and Tourism and other related fields. There are three internship sessions: spring, summer, and fall. Position announcements are distributed for each session. The department accepts undergraduate students for internships.

Internship Dates:

Internships typically run during the following months, however it may be possible for other arrangements to be made:

Spring: January through April Requirements:

  • Complete a Special Project w/ Presentation (unpaid)
  • Volunteer for two special events (see supervisor)

Summer: May through August Requirements:

Complete a Special Project w/ Presentation (unpaid)

  • Volunteer for two special events (see supervisor)

Fall: September through November Requirements:

  • Complete a Special Project w/Presentation (unpaid)
  • Volunteer for two special events (see supervisor)

The Intern’s Goals

All interns who participate in the Hardeeville Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department Internship Program benefit in the following ways:

  • Receive a direct, practical experience
  • Network with practicing professionals
  • Increase their understanding of professional responsibilities
  • Make choices about their direction in the industry

Intern Responsibilities

The Hardeeville Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department will assist the intern in learning

as much as possible from the parks and recreation profession. To obtain the highest benefit from the experience the intern will be expected to:

  • Conduct himself/herself in a professional manner
  • Dress according to agency and position standards
  • Be timely with all required written communication
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with his/her supervisor
  • Complete all paperwork and timesheets in a timely manner
  • Seek opportunities to complement his/her work and educational experiences
  • Notify his/her supervisor in advance of any anticipated absence from work
  • Ask questions if in doubt
  • Be friendly, courteous and treat everyone in all circumstances with dignity and respect
  • Not engage in, or advertise, personal or other business while on duty as an intern
  • Not engage in duties that they have not been given clearance to perform
  • Maintain confidentiality of participant or coworker information and data
  • Work with supervisor to become involved in opportunities presented to them as schedule permits


Interns receive pay in the sum of $10.00/hr. Interns are designated as Temporary Full-Time Employees with no benefits and a defined start and end date of employment.

Public Transportation will not be provided. Automobiles are highly recommended for commuting to work and for social purposes.

PRT Internship Rack Card - Back Cover

PRT Internship Documents

How to Apply for a PRT Internship

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, a completed application and a list of three references (past employers and at least 1 academic advisor) –  by email to:

Imelda Golden

Programs and Events Manager


Phone: 843-227-4089