Argent Boulevard

The City Council, and staff are committed to identifying the problems and developing cooperative solutions to resolve the Argent issues.  Unfortunately, it will not happen overnight or as timely as everyone would hope for.  We are committed to working with the SCDOT, developers and landowners to develop and implement an effective traffic management plan for the Argent area.

Items for Action/Further Review Responsible Party Comments
Conduct driver speed study on Argent Boulevard SCDOT Recently completed. Results can be view by clicking here.
Comprehensive Traffic and Roadway Condition Study of Argent Corridor City of Hardeeville Recently completed. Results can be view by clicking here.
Adjust signal timing at Highway 170 and Argent Boulevard SCDOT/Beaufort County This effort is a joint responsibility between SCDOT and Beaufort County. The Hardeeville Police Chief continues to facilitate that conversation.
Speed Indicator/Warning Signs City of Hardeeville The signs were installed on April 2, 2021 and coupled with increased enforcement appear to be having the desired effect.
Increase Traffic Patrols along Argent Boulevard City of Hardeeville Police Department/Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Traffic enforcement continues to be enhanced in this corridor and numerous citations and warnings have been issued.  
Construct a roundabout at Argent/Short Cut/Jasper Station Intersection City of Hardeeville/Developers/SCDOT The appropriateness of this suggestion will be evaluated as part of the traffic study. Funding may be derived from multiple sources
Complete East Argent Parkways Developer This roadway will ultimately provide a new connection to Highway 170 (opposite Old Field) and allow drivers to avoid Argent Boulevard. As new development occurs this roadway will continue to be extended and completed. 
Close or make Short Cut Road one-way traffic City of Hardeeville This suggestion will need to be evaluated in the study and considered in the larger context of regional traffic patterns, access to property and emergency responders.
Provide enhanced lighting along Argent Boulevard City of Hardeeville/Palmetto Electric/Developers The Police Chief is working with Palmetto Electric to develop a complete cost estimate for this suggestion. Additionally, City planners will work with developers constructing new access points along Argent include lighting of those intersections 
Add shoulders where possible to Argent Boulevard City of Hardeeville/SCDOT Argent Boulevard lacks shoulders in most locations. Adding shoulders will allow for traffic stops to be conducted without impeding traffic flow and keeping officers and citizens safer.  
Add proposed improvements to Argent Boulevard to the Long-Range Transportation Plan City of Hardeeville/Lowcountry Area Transportation Study (LATS) The LATS Technical Committee will need to advocate for these improvements to be identified and ultimately be adopted by the Policy Committee. Inclusion in the Long-Range Plan can assist with funding opportunities.  

Questions and Concerns from the Community

This update is disappointing and discouraging, and exactly the kind of response our community has received for years: "we need to continue studying" or "there's no funding." Many in our community predicted this type of response this time around as business as usual. 

 I don’t believe there has been an extensive study done on Argent Blvd from 278 to 170 and it is critically needed as the traffic count and development has changed dramatically over the past 6+ years.   The developer of East Argent in 2017 conducted a traffic impact analysis (TIA) with their purchase of the property and amendments to the development agreement.  The TIA identified several needed improvements to Argent, 278 and 170 at full buildout of the project and the estimated costs of each.   The proposed study would update the findings of that TIA and would specifically analyze the projected development projects, traffic impacts, needed safety enhancements and associated funding.   We are preliminarily estimating a $40,000 cost which the City could immediately fund.  SCDOT will have to respond to the funding programmed for any safety improvements on Argent, but our understanding is that there is none.   Any improvements would have to be funded by other sources (developer, city, or a combination of sources).

Why can't a traffic light or similar be placed at Jasper Station and Short Cut Road? There are warning lights installed on the 462 -- a largely rural road near our community. Why can't we have something similar, at a minimum?

SCDOT requirements dictate the process for the placement of a new traffic signal will incorporate a traffic warrant study which include such things as traffic volume, accident count, turning motions and other criteria to qualify for a new signal.  The need for a signal at that intersection will be reviewed as part of this evaluation process.

What are immediate next steps? How can we stay apprised of these next steps? Can we see the list of follow-up items created from the workshop, with each respective status? What's the timeline for finding resolution/what's the roadmap? We understand a web page and/or Facebook page dedicated to the issue may be in the works. Please let us know details. 

City staff will be memorializing the results of the WS and the proposed immediate, interim, and longer-term solutions.  This memo will be made available and posted on the City’s website and FB page.    The memo will provide all the proposed action items and responsible party.  

Many in our community want to see a separate entrance for the new apartments slated to come online in our community. Perhaps Forino and officials can work together to find remedy here (without placing more burden on HSL residents).

The issues related to access for any development is discussed and resolved during the City’s site review committee. Ms. Woodruff can explain the process and answer your specific inquiry regarding an addition entrance.  

Turn lanes are being added to Argent -- but not at this particular intersection, correct?  

Our understanding from the TIA for Malind Bluff and the proposed Cobblestone development is that there will be a left turn lane added on Jasper Station at Argent and a left turn lane on Short cut at Argent.  This project would also allow for the realignment of Jasper Station and Short cut Roads at Argent which would alleviate some of the traffic issues.  The funding for these improvements would be placed on the developer.  

The immediate next steps do absolutely nothing to alleviate the immediate severity of this intersection.  

The proposed new left turn lanes, the realignment of the roads at the intersection, and the offer of enhanced traffic and speed enforcement by the City and Sherriff Departments will begin to address the problem.   The proposed updated TIA will also identify needed improvements and the projected cost of the same.    The City in conjunction with SCDOT can then actively seek funding sources to fund the identified improvements.  As developers submit their development plans along the route, they will also be required to make the identified improvements based upon the specific impacts of their development plans. 

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Hardeeville City Council Workshop-March 9th, 2021