Youth Council

Youth Council 2021


To form a Youth Council consisting of Hardeeville High School Students from area schools that will discuss issues chosen by the students, and formulating recommendations to be offered to the Hardeeville City Council and their schools


To provide legislative experience to students who are interested in finding solutions to the challenges affecting the future of the Low Country. To provide a forum for all students to participate in the democratic process. To provide the Hardeeville City Council with input from our young citizens.


Student Council Members will be appointed by the School Administration to a term that will approximate the school year. There will be no limit to the number of students who wish to be on the Council.


The Youth Council will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 5 pm and will end promptly at 6 pm. The meeting day and time can be changed at the will of the Youth Council. The agenda topics/issues will be selected by the Youth Council Members at the start of the year.


At the first meeting of each school year, the Hardeeville Mayor will select a Youth Council Mayor and a Mayor Pro Tempore whose duties will mirror that of the City Council. The Hardeeville Mayor will serve as advisor and Parliamentarian. The Youth Mayor will choose a member from his Council to give the invocation, on a rotating basis. Meetings will be conducted per established procedures of the Hardeeville City Council.


All ordinances and resolutions passed will be submitted to the City Council for their consideration.


Participation by all students will be encouraged and all meetings are open to the public. 


  • Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School (RHHS)
  • John Paul II Catholic School (JP II)
  • Thomas Heyward Academy (THA)
  • Royal Live Oaks Academy of the Arts and Sciences (RLOA)
  • Step of Faith Christian Academy

Participating Schools

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Hardeeville Youth Council J-A-R-M Pet Supply Drive

Jasper Animal Rescue Mission (JARM)

Helping Our Animal Friends

Drop-Off Locations

  • Thomas Heyward Academy 
  • John Paul II
  • Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School
  • Royal Lice Oaks Academy
  • Hardeeville City Hall


  • Hunger
  • Bullying
  • Health, Wellness, and Nutrition

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