Forms & Applications

Form Submittal

Listed are the forms you may need based on the activity you are performing. You can submit applications in person, by mail, or online. If you are submitting online, credit card payments can be made online by the cardholder. To pay online, go to Payment Portal and select which category/department you want to make a payment for in the drop-down menu or by selecting continue under the title.

Process in Submittal

All forms and applications must be submitted to the City of Hardeeville along with payments. Failure to submit proper paperwork along with payments will cause a delay in processing your application.


Please note that there is a 3% convenience fee for using a credit card. 

Protected Information

The City of Hardeeville will not sell or share your card information with any third party. 

Credit Card Authorization Form

To authorize the City of Hardeeville to charge your credit card, you need to submit A - Credit Card Authorization (PDF)

Board of Zoning Appeals                                                                               

Boards and Commissions Application 

Building Permit Forms

Building-related fees are determined based on the project type and total valuation of the project. Please contact Ashley Moody at 843-784-2231 or by email for more information. 

Business License Forms

Fire Department Forms & Documents