Where does this tax money go?
The city is required to deposit the funds into a local hospitality tax fund maintained separately from the general fund in accordance with state law. The city's use of hospitality tax fund is for tourism related activities and improvements.

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1. What is a local hospitality tax?
2. Does the hospitality tax reduce my business earnings?
3. Where does this tax money go?
4. What is the definition of an establishment responsible for local hospitality tax collection?
5. Which business types are required to collect and remit money to the city?
6. How will this tax be remitted to the City of Hardeeville?
7. The tax must be remitted:
8. What is considered a prepared meal?
9. What sales are affected by the Local Hospitality Tax?
10. Establishments:
11. These items are EXEMPT from the Local Hospitality Tax:
12. What happens if my hospitality tax form is postmarked after the 20th day following my closing period?
13. Where should I send my hospitality tax payments?
14. How long do I need to keep my records?
15. What happens if I fail to make the required hospitality tax payments?
16. If you have additional questions.